DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Aqaba features an edgeless pool with gorgeous Gulf of Aqaba views. It boasts 2 whirlpools, a sauna and a well-equipped fitness centre. This is a holiday of a lifetime opportunity from Going Luxury to visit historic Jordan. Contact us to book this bespoke offer.

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  • Aqaba, Jordan
  • 7 nights, other durations available
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Package Offer: Hotel Only Available
  • ABTA & ATOL Regulated & Protected

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Situated on the southern tip of Jordan overlooking the Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba, DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba is a 5-star hotel and centrally located in the heart of the business district in Aqaba, Jordan. King Hussein International Airport is less than 15 minutes from this Jordan hotel, where you will be welcomed with a DoubleTree chocolate chip walnut cookie.

This specially escorted tour includes all your accommodation throughout Jordan with daily breakfast and all transfers. You’ll embark on guided tours to visit the ancient Pella and Um Qais, the ancient Roman city of Jerash, the Dead Sea, Madaba town, Mount Nebo, and the sites of Kerak. You will spend a full day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, as well as visiting Little Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

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DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Aqaba features contemporary Italian design, our spacious guest rooms and suites provide a peaceful retreat with views of the city or the Red Sea. Enjoy a 32-inch flat screen TV, complimentary WiFi and a large desk. Superior rooms provide private balconies furnishing stunning views of the Red Sea.

‘Jordan is spectacular, safe & friendly’ (The Guardian)

If you’re a fan of ancient civilisations Jordan makes for a fascinating visit. The Arab nation is home to historic monuments, sprawling nature reserves and incredibly well-preserved archaeological sites. The jewel in the country’s crown is undoubtedly Petra. The ancient city is believed to have been settled as early as 9,000 BC and is notable for the intricacy of its stone structures, carved straight out of the rock. Jordan is best explored in the spring months before the ferocious Middle Eastern summer temperatures hit.

Giant gorge crevices leading to ancient wonders and colossal sandstone slabs that swallow you up. You’re always on the brink of uncovering something spectacular with a holiday in Jordan. You’ll be on your own real life Indiana Jones discovery as the rocks give way to a tantalising glimpse of the Red Rose City. This is Petra, one of the world’s most treasured relics. Jordan has a subtropical climate with hot, dry summers and cooler winters. Jordan is a gold mine of history deep in the desert. It lies humbly under the radar for most travellers, even though it has an arsenal of phenomenal historic sites definitely worth bragging about. This is where you’ll find Petra, the prehistoric capital cut into a rock face; Amman, home to a Citadel that makes it one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; the parched, Mars-like desert of Wadi Rum; and important biblical sites including Bethany Beyond the Jordan and Mount Nebo.

Petra City Tour

Pick up from your hotel in Aqaba for a visit to the Nabatean Red Rose city of Petra, around one and half hour drive. Known as the Jewel of the Red Sea, Aqaba is in the heart of the Red Sea Riviera and boasts exceptional beaches that are popular locations for watersports. There are plenty of cultural attractions to explore also, including the Aqaba Fort and the Heritage Museum.

The Red Rose City; The famous filming location of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has to be seen to be believed. The city contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone, and is located in Jordan’s south western desert.

Petra, originally known as Raqmu, is a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan. Petra lies on the slope of Jabal Al-Madbah in a basin among the mountains which form the eastern flank of Arabah valley that run from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra is believed to have been settled as early as 9,000 BC, and it was possibly established in the 4th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom. The Nabataeans were nomadic Arabs who invested in Petra’s proximity to the trade routes by establishing it as a major regional trading hub.

The trading business gained the Nabataeans considerable revenue and Petra became the focus of their wealth, drawing the envy of its neighbors. The earliest recorded historical reference to Petra was when the Greek Antigonids raided the city in 312 BC. The Nabataeans were, unlike their enemies, accustomed to living in the barren deserts, and were able to repel attacks by utilizing the area’s mountainous terrain. They were particularly skillful in harvesting rainwater, agriculture and stone carving. Petra flourished in the 1st century AD when its famous Khazneh structure–believed to be the mausoleum of Nabataean King Aretas IV–was constructed, and its population peaked at an estimated 20,000 inhabitants.

Although the Nabataean Kingdom became a client state for the Roman Empire in the first century BC, it was only in 106 AD that they lost their independence. Petra fell to the Romans who annexed and renamed Nabataea to Arabia Petraea. Petra’s importance declined as sea trade routes emerged, and after a 363 earthquake destroyed many structures. The Byzantine Era witnessed the construction of several Christian churches, but the city continued to decline, and by the early Islamic era became an abandoned place where only a handful of nomads lived. It remained unknown to the world until it was rediscovered in 1812 by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt.
The city is accessed through a 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) long gorge called the Siq, which leads directly to the Khazneh.

Famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system, Petra is also called the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. UNESCO has described it as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”. In 2007, Al-Khazneh was voted in as one of the New7Wonders of the World. Petra is a symbol of Jordan, as well as Jordan’s most-visited tourist attraction. Tourist numbers peaked at 1 million in 2010, the following period witnessed a slump due to regional instability. However, tourist numbers have picked up recently, and around 600,000 tourists visited the site in 2017.

Petra is one of the 7 world wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enter the city through 1KM long narrow gorge which is flanked either side by 80m high cliffs! Notice the dazzling colors and formations of the rocks. The site is massive, and contains hundreds of elaborated rock-cut tombs, a treasury, Roman-style theatres, temples, sacrificial altars and colonnaded streets. Upon completion, transfer back to your hotel in Aqaba for drop off.

Dead Sea Swim Tour

Pick up from your hotel in Aqaba and head to the lowest point on earth for a 3-hour swim & lunch at Amman Tourisst Beach Resort (This public facility goes under the full title of Amman Beach Tourism Resort, Restaurant & Pools. The beach, 2km south of the main resort strip, gives affordable access to the Dead Sea. The grounds are attractively landscaped and the beach is clean, with sun umbrellas and freshwater showers. There are also a number of swimming pools, a restaurant, some drinks stalls, basketball courts and a small amusement park. It gets very busy at weekends (especially Friday afternoon and Saturday morning). The Dead Sea is an endorheic lake located in the Jordan Rift Valley, a geographic feature formed by the Dead Sea Transform (DST). This left lateral-moving transform fault lies along the tectonic plate boundary between the African Plate and the Arabian Plate. It runs between the East Anatolian Faultzone in Turkey and the northern end of the Red Sea Rift offshore of the southern tip of Sinai. It is here that the Upper Jordan River/Sea of Galilee/Lower Jordan River water system comes to an end. Upon completion, transfer to your hotel in Aqaba for drop off.

The Dead Sea lies in the Jordan Rift Valley, bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel to the west. Rather a salt lake than a sea, this dense body of water is a centre for healing thanks to the high mineral content.

Wadi Rum Tour

Pick up from your hotel in Aqaba to explore Wadi Rum ( adi Rum is home to the Zalabia Bedouin who, working with climbers and trekkers, have made a success of developing eco-adventure tourism, now their main source of income. The area is now one of Jordan’s important tourist destinations, and attracts an increasing number of foreign tourists, particularly trekkers and climbers, but also for camel and horse safari or simply day-trippers from Aqaba or Petra. In recent years, its luxury camping retreats have spurred more tourism to the area as well. Popular activities in the desert environment include camping under the stars, riding Arabian horses, hiking and rock-climbing among the massive rock formations. ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and Jeeps are also available and new camps have opened that offer adequate accommodation for tourists.) on a 1.30 hour jeep ride into the Jordanian desert! Wadi Rum was best described by T.E. Lawrence as ‘Vast, echoing and god-like’, and by the locals as ‘Valley of the Moon’. Upon completion, transfer to your hotel in Aqaba for drop off.

This glorious camp gives guests a glimpse into Bedouin life and is only two hours’ drive south of Petra. The tents are all high quality and spacious, providing you with fresh sheets, warm blankets and an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Excursions Itinerary – This is a sample of the excursions itinerary which may differ slightly to the actual experience when you travel depending on time of year, weather and other unforeseen factors.

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Dining & Bars


Infinity Bar

Conveniently located on the first floor next to the hotel's outdoor swimming pool, Infinity features scenic views over Aqaba and the Gulf. Refresh with a variety of exotic cocktails and mocktails, freshly squeezed fruit juices or nutritious energy drinks. Treat yourself to a delicious light snack at this DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba hotel outlet.

King's Sports Bar

Whether you are hungry for football, billiard, darts or just a beer, King's Sports Bar is your go to place in Aqaba. A great array of food and an extensive list of beverages awaits you in this fun place where you can cheer for your team and enjoy your time with friends.


Diwan The View

Located on the seventh floor, Diwan The View Rooftop Lounge overlooks the spectacular views of Aqaba bay and features a wide selection of local and international dishes, Shisha, cocktails and mocktails. Enjoy our daily live entertainment.


Begin your day with a signature Wake Up DoubleTree breakfast and let our team of chefs spoil you with your favourite breakfast dish at Gusto. Choose from our selection of tasty lunch menu items or enjoy a well balanced combination of seasonal, international specialities and local flavors at our evening buffet.

Tree Cafe

Grab a cup of coffee or a light snack while lounging in our lobby café. Enjoy a variety of coffee, tea and cocktails along with light snacks and pastries.

  • DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Aqaba Deluxe King Room

    Relax in this elegant 55 sq. m/592 sq. ft. room featuring a king-sized bed and comfortable seating area. Connect to a second room and enjoy a spacious two-bedroom suite with views of the city of Aqaba. Enjoy a snack from the minibar while watching your favourite movie on the 32-inch LCD TV.

    Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee prepared in your room. Get to work at the desk and keep in touch with complimentary WiFi. Curl up with a magazine in the easy chair or freshen up in the bathroom with superior guest amenities. Sleeps 2 adults and 1 child on a rollaway bed.

  • DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Aqaba Superior King Room w/Sea View

    Relax in this spacious Superior room featuring a king-sized bed with four jumbo hypoallergenic down pillows. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee prepared in your room. Get to work at the large desk and keep in touch with complimentary internet access. Grab a snack from the minibar and relax in the easy chair while watching a movie on the 32-inch LCD TV.

    Plug your MP3 player into the unique clock radio to listen to your favourite tunes. Freshen up in the bathroom featuring a bath tub, combed cotton terry towels and superior bath amenities. Sleeps 2 adults and 1 child on a rollaway bed.

  • DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Aqaba City View King Room

    Enjoy your stay in this contemporary guest room with a king-sized bed featuring four jumbo hypoallergenic down pillows. Relax in the easy chair watching the 32-inch LCD TV.

    Catch up with work at the desk and keep in touch with complimentary WiFi. Feel free to plug your MP3 player into the unique clock radio and listen to your favourite tunes. Refresh in the bathroom with superior guest amenities.

  • DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Aqaba Twin Room

    Enjoy your stay in this contemporary guest room with two twin-sized beds featuring four jumbo hypoallergenic down pillows. Relax in the easy chair watching the 32-inch LCD TV.

    Catch up with work at the desk and keep in touch with complimentary WiFi. Feel free to plug your MP3 player into the unique clock radio and listen to your favourite tunes. Refresh in the bathroom with superior guest amenities.



Maintain your exercise regimen in the 24-hour fitness centre. Marvel at views of the Red Sea from our infinity pool. Relax in the steam room, whirlpools and sauna. Host business meetings and social events for up to 130 guests. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Aqaba offers two meeting and event rooms, a dedicated meeting and event staff, and a full-service business centre.


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